Judson Davis, PhD, is the director and lead counselor at Pacific Highlands Alliance. He has been providing counseling services since 2004, and works in conjunction with other health care professionals to provide comprehensive support for the mind, body and spirit. His education includes a Doctorate in East-West Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies, where he received his training and advanced certification in Spiritual Counseling. He also holds a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology (with emphasis 
in Depth Psychology) from Pacifica Graduate Institute, and has worked in a variety of educational and therapeutic environments. 
     Dr. Davis has received training in Jungian art and archetypal therapy, dream analysis, and shamanic journeying, and has performed fieldwork in monastic settings throughout Europe and the Buddhist Himalayas. His teaching experience includes instruction on the university, college and corporate levels in California, Germany, and Japan, and he has also produced documentary films and traveled widely throughout the world. He has presented his work in a variety of public venues, including the 17th International Trans-personal Conference in Moscow, Russia and the Symposium for the Study of Myth, a collaboration between the Joseph Campbell Foundation, the Opus Archives and Research Center, and Pacifica Graduate Institute in California. He is the author, most recently, of
The Primordial Mandalas of East and West: Jungian and Tibetan Buddhist Approaches 
to Healing and Transformation (2016, NeuroQuantology, Volume 14 (2), 242-254).   
Other publications include the book C. G. Jung and the Western Embrace of Tibetan Buddhism (2015, Anchor), and these and other scholarly works can be accessed at the following web address:    
Dr. Davis' expressive arts and contem-plative therapy involve a synthesis of methods found in Tibetan Buddhist Vajrayana and depth/transpersonal psychology, with emphasis on the healing and transformative power of sacred art and archetypal imagery. Sessions are conducted with compas-
sion, sensitivity, and support, and are available to individuals, couples, and groups.
Online Session Hours: days & times can be arranged by request.
Location: Kyoto, Japan or via Skype. 
Contact Phone: 1 (619) 929-8862

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