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Pacific Highlands Alliance is a pioneer in the field of psychology that offers spiritual counseling and life coaching through a synthesis of ancient Eastern religious traditions and modern Western psychology. This is a soul-centered approach to counseling that combines traditional therapeutic methods with developmental aspects of depth and transpersonal psychology and creative and meditative elements of Tibetan Buddhism. 

This unique form of spiritual guidance constitutes a means by which to deepen one's experience of inner wholeness. Through engagement with essential aspects of one's inner world, one experiences an ever-increasing connection to the core of one's authentic self - the ground of being from which one originates and with which one naturally longs to commune. This journey of discovery involves intimate dialogue and shared exploration between the client and counselor, and in addition to more traditional approaches such as talk therapy, this process can be greatly accentuated through dream analysis, art therapy, archetypal visualization, creative meditation, and other spiritually oriented processes. 
At the heart of these processes lie symbolic images that resonate uniquely with each individual. By identifying the specific images that hold deep inner meaning and then engaging such imagery through creative and meditative practices, the client is led inward toward a clearer understanding of one's core identity, life purpose, and cherished values.   
     The Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung used the term 
archetypes to represent these sacred images and symbols, which commonly arise through dreams 
and can also be readily encountered through artistic expression and even in one's daily experience through the images that emerge in contemporary culture. Identifying and fostering these "sparks of divinity" 
is at the heart of both Jungian and Tibetan tantric creative practices, as the sacred image is understood to mirror one's inner world and to provide an avenue into greater clarity and well-being. These experiential practices are undertaken in a wholly accepting and supportive environment through which one's inmost personal issues and experiences can be brought to expanded awareness. Establishing an intimate, ongoing dialogue with one's inner world results in greater authenticity and enriches all aspects of one's existence, resulting in an enhancement of personal identity, increased honesty and clarity in relation-ships, and a greater sense of purpose and direction 
in one's life and chosen vocation.  
The following developmental services are offered (both in-person and via Skype):
 > Individual counseling: exploring the      meaning of one's existence, resolving inner 
 turmoil, promoting spiritual growth, and  expanding one's sense of life's possibilities.
 > Couples and group work: learning to share
 life's journey as a means of fostering both
 individual freedom and collective intimacy.   
 In addition to standard counseling, the  following approaches and transformative  practices are available:     
 > Art and archetypal therapy: creative visuali-    zations that manifest inner clarity and direction.
 > Dream work: analyzing, amplifying and    applying messages from the unconscious.
 > Career coaching: making your passion your
 profession in line with your inner purpose.  
The dynamic forms of spiritual counseling and life coaching offered by Pacific Highlands Alliance provide a foundation of unconditional acceptance, compassion, and support to the client, and act to facilitate a partnership in the process of unfolding one's deeper potential. For those who seek inner transformation, liberation from past obstacles, 
and a richer, happier, more authentic existence, these experiential processes can provide 
a genuine means of spiritual growth, psychological development, and emotional healing. Sessions last a full hour and are conducted at between sixty and ninety dollars per hour.   
A sliding scale applies, and student discounts (including pro bono offerings) are provided. 

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